Sunday, March 31, 2013

Alaska Mission Trip 2013

 Amanda is so beautiful!


 Flying over Alaska

 Flying over Puget Sound

 Chris and Phil with Victoria in the back :)

 Little tiny terminal/airport

 Lunch...literal fish strips (like fish jerky) and salmon spread YUM!

 Rachel and ice cycles as big as her! 


 Worshiping our King with the kids

 Bible Jeopardy!!!

 Anybody need glue?


 playing outside in the 2 degree weather




 Chris R 


 The bay

Alaskan vs Oregonian 

 time to show of our "tools"

 after a paper airplane went in to my eyeball

 rice painting

 Amanda :)


 roadkill that became dinner

 Simon pastor-ing :)

 memorizing verses

Erin :)

Marching against domestic violence

 we could see the shapes with our naked eyes!

legit snowflakes 



 Dillingham burgers! :)

 Clara's eye!

 I was cold....and it was windy.. :P

 watching Avengers in 3D!!!!

 Nerf War.... I THINK YES!

 Clara <3


 Ron and me

Victoria Christopher M and me!

 ra ra rachel

 Yes we were being Polar Bears!